Every choice we make affects our planet,
negatively or positively.

We choose the latter,
it's a responsibility that we take seriously.

we only choose
the best

There are tons of clothesline manufacturers all-over the world and yet we've only chosen a few ones which exceeded our expectation, most of them are proudly Australian.

Better quality clotheslines last a lot longer which means less waste that unnecessarily end up in landfills.

for every order placed
we plant a tree

As a proud partner of Carbon Neutral, we participate in their Plant-a-Tree conservation program. 

For every order you place with us, an Australian native tree or shrub in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor is planted to aid in its rehabilitation.

Carbon Neutral Facilities

In participation with the Powershop, (Australia’s most awarded Green Energy Retailer), we offset all carbon emissions associated with our office and Sydney warehouse.

Another step towards our dream of becoming an environmentally sustainable enterprise.

Natural is the Way to GO

It costs around $2.80 and releases 4 kilograms of CO2 into the atmosphere every time you use your clothes dryer.

So for every clothesline we deliver,
we help cut back on greenhouse gas emmisions significantly.

Better clotheslines, better planet

Lesser clotheslines break in just a few years resulting in massive amounts of waste that can be avoided.

Made of cheap chemicals and other bad stuff that leech into our soils as well as pollute the air, our high-quality products can help put an end to this cycle.

we won't stop being better.

We have a mission, a purpose, and an inner desire to keep looking for ways
to make our business more sustainable because that is the right thing to do.

No matter how big or small, the steps we take today will result
in a difference that will be felt by future generations.

a constant pursuit

We're constantly finding ways to implement recyclability into all of our products and packaging.

Although much still needs to be done,
we'll stop at nothing to achieve one hundred percent.

Renewable Energy

We are taking initiatives to move toward 100% renewable energy and are continually making wise energy decisions.

Consistent collaboration with suppliers on renewable energy, self-sufficiency, and sustainability is part of our DNA.

86% and counting

We work hand-in hand with suppliers towards better waste management and elimination strategies to achieve our current recycling rate of 86%.

Our ultimate goal is to recycle all wood, plastic, metal, water, and paper from our production and packaging.